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Sunrise Swastha Yojana+


Under this unique feature of the bank, we offer various insurance facilities along with discount schemes at various private hospitals. More of which is detailed below:

A. Sunrise Health Insurance Facility:

Health insurance facility is designed to facilitate the saving account holders to avail the medical treatment with an ease and assists them to recover their health expenses.

i. Eligible Customer:

  • All saving Deposit Account holders shall be eligible for this facility
  • The facility shall be limited to the saving Deposit holder as an individual. The insurance coverage shall not be deemed to have covered any one of his/her spouse and/or dependants (including children or parents).
  • The facility can be availed either from Government Hospitals or though private Hospitals which are tied up with us. The account holders shall be eligible for the facility from the day 1 of account opening.

ii. Benefit to customer:

  • The health insurance facility shall be up to  25% of weighted average deposit during last 365 days of saving deposit or the bill amount whichever is lower, with a maximum limitation of Rs. 80,000 for hospitalized cases and OPD facility of Rs. 20,000 only or 150 exclusion daycare treatments THRICE a year.

B. Accidental/Death Insurance Facility

Accidental insurance facility is an attempt to incorporate the possible risk of future accidental death and/or permanent disability. The future is uncertain so the prime aim of this facility is to cover the possible expenses/risk born by family members of account holder during accidental death and /or permanent disability.

i. Eligible Customer:

  • All natural person saving deposit customers of bank

ii. Benefit to customer:

  • Insurance coverage shall be limited to 4 times of the balance on saving account maintained on preceding day end of the accident or NPR 500,000 whichever is less.

C. Discount in Tie-Up Hospital

Account holders can avail discount agreed in our tie-up hospitals in the hospital bill with an identification of being Sunrise Bank account holder.


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