Total Branches: 140 Total ATMs: 158 Total Extension Counters: 12 Total BLBs: 92


  • Self-Registration
  • QR Code Payment
  • Balance Details
  • Mini Statement
  • Top ups and Recharge Card
  • E-Sewa/Khalti Cash Load
  • FonePay Integration
  • TV/Internet Bill Payment
  • Fund Transfer to various bank
  • Credit card bill payments
  • NEA Bill Payment
  • Cheque Request
  • Auto Intelligence
  • Personalization View
  • Add quick favorite menus
  • Schedule Payment
  • ATM Location
  • Branch Location
  • Bank Promotions
  • Exchange Rates
  • Bank Share Rates
  • Complain/Dispute Register

Any saving account holder of Sunrise Bank ltd can enrol to Sunrise Smart Banking

You can inform nearest branch or Sunrise's Card department to unblock the user.

You can change your password from your end. However you need to inform your concern branch or Sunrise's Card department to reset the user. After getting confirmation open Smart App and go to 'Not Registered Yet' - 'Activate your Account' and input your account & mobile details and follow the process to reset your password

After first login your device ID is saved in Sunrise Smart Banking system. If you change or format your device then you are required to follow 'Reset Device' from Sunrise Smart Banking application

Open Sunrise Smart Banking and click button 'Electricity' (right below the login box) and follow the rest process

Login to Sunrise Smart Banking and click plus (+) sign at bottom. Now click 'Bill Payment' from the top and choose 'Load eSewa'. Further, input required details and follow the process.

As Sunrise Smart Banking is integrated with FonePay system, now you can pay any Fonepay merchant bill through QR code. Simply login to app and open QR code reader and scan the code of merchant. Further, fill the required details and complete the transaction.

Login to Sunrise Smart Banking and click 'Others' menu at bottom right. Now click 'Complain' option and fill up all the details and click submit. Your complain details will be registered in system and you will get reply in your email shortly by bank team.

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