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Contactless Card is similar to existing Chip based card but the upgraded one. Besides having the EMV Chip and magnetic stripe, there is a contactless chip embedded inside the card which lets you “tap” to pay - it’s quick and easy. Contactless card allows you to pay by simply holding your card near the payment terminal, rather than swiping or inserting.

When you’re shopping with a contactless card, you wave it over the card reader, and your card uses radio frequencies to complete the transaction. There’s no need to swipe, sign, or dip. Contactless card helps for faster checkout when tapped at contactless-enabled merchant terminals.

Check for the contactless indicator on the front your debit or credit card to determine if it's capable of contactless payments. If you don't see the symbol, you can still use the card by inserting or swiping it.

Yes, Contactless cards are as secure as any other EMV Chip card. They carry the same multiple layers of security, which ensure that you are safe from fraudulent or unauthorised transactions.

Contactless payment is the latest in secure technology. It will help you spend less time at the cash counter and give you the freedom to do the things that matter most to you.

Contactless cards cater to those who are making smaller purchases – such as grocery shopping, dining at a restaurant, buying a coffee, buy movie tickets, etc. And this technology is great for those who don’t want to swipe or dip their cards due to COVID-19.

Look for the Contactless Symbol on merchant terminals to determine if they are capable of accepting contactless payments. You can make a contactless payment with your contactless card wherever you see the symbol.

The card should be within 1–2 cm (Max: 4 cm) of the Contactless Symbol on the terminal. The card may also be placed on the Contactless Symbol on the terminal until the transaction is complete (typically 1–2 seconds).

No, Contactless card helps for faster checkout when tapped at contactless-enabled merchant terminals hence PIN/Signature is not required for contactless transactions.

You can use your contactless card to tap & pay at any contactless enabled POS terminals. For terminals not having contactless feature or at any ATMs, existing modality of Chip & PIN enabled transaction shall work. You can do all such transactions from your contactless card as the card have EMV chip as well.

Currently, you can tap your card at any contactless enabled terminal for making payment up to NPR 2,000.00 per transaction. This limit may change time to time as per regulations from Nepal Rastra Bank.

The daily/monthly transaction limit is not changed and the existing transaction limit of Sunrise Visa Debit/Credit card applies to your card as per the product type.

No, the contactless card feature only applies to in-person transactions at contactless-enabled merchant terminals.

There is not any compulsion to replace your existing chip card. The chip card you are carrying will continue to work seamlessly until the expiry of your card. After which you shall get the contactless card during replacement. However, if you are interested in experiencing the contactless payment, you may visit any of our branches nearest to you and ask for replacement of your card with contactless cards.

No. The terminal has to be activated by the merchant and the cashier must enter the payment amount to activate the contactless terminal. Then, the contactless card has to be held within 4 cm of the contactless terminal.

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