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Cards Electricity (NEA) Missed Call Banking

  • No additional cost for this service for the Sunrise Bank Smart Users.
  • Instant payment of NEA bill.

First, you must subscribe the Sunrise Smart (Mobile Banking) then login to Sunrise Smart and go to the menu "NEA Missed Call Registration" under more section (or visit Sunrise Care portal : Input your correct NEA details and submit, you will get SMS once your request is verified by bank. Or you can also contact any nearest Sunrise Bank branches for registration.

No, however Sunrise Mobile Banking subscription charge is applicable

Yes, you can use your non smart phone for this service, but your number has to enroll at NEA Missed call service

No, Customer can request the service via Sunrise Smart (from menu->More->NEA Missed call Service

Yes, however discount or penalty is calculated and adjusted in your due bill amount

Receipt will auto sent to registered email address or can obtain from Branch counter as well by NEA itself

Yes, details can be changed from branch counter

Currently only single NEA bill payment can be done from one mobile number.

You need to re-register to NEA missed call service visiting SrBL branch counter.

Yes, SMS will be sent to each transaction weather it is failed or success

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