Total Branches: 139 Total ATMs: 159 Total Extension Counters: 13 Total BLBs: 97

List of Policies and Guidelines

List of Manual/Policy/Guidelines/Product Papers

S.N. Name of Manual/Policy/Guidelines/Product Papers
1 Remittance Operations Manual 
2 Procedural Manual on Managers’ Cheque
3 Procedural Manual for Business Desk  Operations
4 Manual on Cash Operation
5 Safe Deposit Locker Procedural Manual
6 Schedule of Charges
7 Brand and Advertisement Guideline
8 Logistic Requirement for Centralization of Credit Administration Department
9 Guidelines on Authorized Consultant/Valuators
10 Policy Guideline on Electronic Banking
11 Credit Card Product Paper 
12 Sunrise Smart Banking
13 Reconciliation Procedure Manual
14 Procedural Manual on Clearing Operations
15 AML-CFT Measures and KYC Manual
16 STR Preparation Guidelines
17 KYC/AML/CFT Policy
18 Credit Manual
19 Credit Policy Guidelines 
20 Bridge Gap Loan Product Manual
21 Margin Lending Procedural Guidelines 
22 Deprived Sector Lending Manual
23 Laghu Byawasaya Karja -Product
24 Product Paper of Sunrise Krishi Karja
25 SrBL Byaj Anudan Karja
26 The Disclosure Policy of BASEL II Accord
27 Financial Rules
28 Guidelines for Newspapers, Magazines, Books & Periodicals
29 Cyber Incident_Response_Plan-Body-V1
30 IT Policy
31 Laptop Users Regulation
32 Write-off Policy
33 NBA Policy
34 Exit Account Management Policy
35 Loan Recovery Manual
36 SrBL Normal Savings
37 SrBL Bal Bachat Savings Account
38 SrBL Special Care Account
39 Sunrise Senior Citizen Saving Account
40 Relief Saving Account
41 Sunrise Pink Bachat Product Paper
42 Sunrise Fat Savings Product Paper
43 Sunrise Samriddhi Bachat khata
44 Sunrise BLB Account
45 Sunrise Remit Bachat Khata 
46 Sunrise Share Dhani Khata
47 Sunrise Maha Bachat  Khata
48 Sunrise Maha Muddati Khata
49 Sunrise Payroll Savings Account
50 Sunrise Branchless Banking Manual
51 Remittance Deputation Guideline
52 Remittance Transactions Handling Guidelines For Mitigating MLTF Risks
53 Sunrise Education Loan/Sunrise Educational Institute Loan (EIL) Product Paper
54 Sunrise Surakshit Ghar Karja/Sunrise Ghar Karja Product Paper 
55 Financing Used Vehicle (Consumer Loan) /Sunrise Hire Purchase Product Paper  
56 “Loan against Government Bond” Product Paper
57 “Loan against FDR” Product Paper
58 Sunrise “Sajilo Karja” Product Paper 
59 Sunrise Signature Loan (SrSL) Product Paper 
60 Sunrise SME Product Paper 
61 Risk Management Policy Guidelines  
62 ICAAP Policy (Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process)
63 Internal Risk Grading System
64 Liquidity Contingency Plan
65 Security Management Procedural Manual
66 Contingency Management Framework 
67 Procedural Manual on SWIFT Operation
68 Centralization of International Banking Department (TFC)
69 Procedural Manual on Letter of Credit
70 Trade Based Money Laundering Risk Mitigation Guidelines
71 Procedural Manual of Bank Guarantee
72 Manual of Gold and Silver Trading
73 Credit Limit for Counterparties -Local & Foreign
74 Treasury Guidelines
75 Investment Policy
76 Treasury and Correspondet Banking Operation Manual

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