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Benefits for Card Holder

  • Cash less transaction/convenient mode of payment
  • Higher purchasing power
  • Global visa card accepted. 

Benefits for Merchant

  • Easy cash management
  • Bigger transactions easily accepted
  • Additional service to the customer

POS is an electronic data capture device provided by the Bank to the merchant for the purpose of performing transactions. Here, customer can use their Debit/Credit card to pay bill of goods purchased.

Any card holder of Sunrise Bank ltd can use POS service in any outlet having POS device within Nepal or abroad. POS device can be either of Sunrise Bank or any other financial institution providing POS service.

No cost/fee is charged while making payments through POS for Sunrise Bank card holder.

It depends on the nature of card and limitation while issuing cards. Basically for debit card; maximum per transaction limit is NPR 100,000/-

POS merchant refers to an outlet or company assigned by bank to accept and process POS services to any card holders.

Procedures to acquire POS service of Sunrise Bank Ltd. - Company should have company/current account with Sunrise Bank - Should submit the signed POS Agreement - Should provide all the necessary legal documents For more details you may contact nearest Sunrise Bank's branch.

No, POS device and maintenance cost are completely free for Sunrise Bank's POS Merchant

Yes, there is per transaction charge on basis of types of card i.e domestic or international card.

To operate a POS device, merchant either require Phone Line or Internet or SIM card.

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