• Issued under Visa brand
  • Can be availed instantly.
  • Card can also be personalized.
  • of Domestic cards can be used in Nepal, India, and Bhutan for withdrawal cash and making payments for products and services.
  • Can use higher limits (as per Annexure A) at POS terminals of Hospital/Medical and related merchants/acquirer where as normal limit for the rest of the acquirer except Hospital/Medical and related merchants/acquirer.
  • No fee for cash withdrawal using Sunrise Bank’s ATM.
  • Transactions details (last five transactions) can be availed through Mini Statement from ATM.


Sunrise Health Care Card is a Debit Card specially design for medical purpose at India, we have assigned the higher limit of transaction through POS terminals of hospitals, medical store, and any other medical related merchants.

Main difference is the card limit. Normal Debit have lower transaction limit at POS especially at Medical and Hospital related POS, whereas Health Care Card hold the limit up-to 30 lakhs/Month in POS of Hospitals or medical related merchant.

Yes, you need to have personal saving account with Sunrise Bank Ltd.

Visit nearest branch with any referral document/recommendations from the doctor for the treatment in India if any or card can be issued with the confirmation to submit the required treatment documents later on as well.

If you already have normal Sunrise Debit Card, you have to surrender same to your respective branch and apply for Health Care Card.

Actually you do not need to change your Health Care Card. You can use same card as a normal card through ATM or POS. However, if you still wish to change the card to Normal Debit card then you can surrender your existing Health Care Card to your respective branch and apply for normal debit card. Applicable charge may be liable.

Yes, you can use this card to any POS/ATM within Nepal, India, and Bhutan as a normal card and enjoy the service 24 x 7.

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